Construction material

• Steel, M Sand, Fine aggregates, Ready Mix Concrete, Coarse aggregates, Clay bricks, Concrete blocks, Lightweight blocks, Block joining motar and much more.

Solar panel and components

• Solar panels collect sunlight and convert it to DC electricity.
• The DC electricity moves to an inverter that converts it to AC electricity.
• The meter tracks how much electricity is generated.

Electrical equipment

• Electrical Distribution and Protection Equipment, Switches, Relays, Wire and Cable Accessories, Power Supplies and Conditioners, Transformers, Proximity Sensors, Meters and Indicators, Recorders and Loggers, Industrial Computer Equipment, Pneumatic Equipment.

Telecommunication equipment

• Manufacturing of Telecom Hardwares such as Cell phones, Set Top Boxes, Optical Networking systems etc. Mechanical and System integration of Base Stations. Antenna and Fiber Cables, Patch cords and Fiber terminations.

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