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Company Information

Designing and Building Many of the World’s Largest and Most Challenging Capital Projects

SCIDEA is an Innovative team that provides total solutions to its customer diverse industries. SCIDEA provides innovative and integrated solutions, delivering capital efficiency and project certainty.

SCIDEA successfully delivers integrated engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance (EPCM) solutions to various industries such as Construction, Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Telecommunication, and Professional Maintenance Services.

Our exceptional people, broad knowledge, agility, dedication to safety and vast network of resources make clients trust us as an industry leader to design and build projects safely, cost-effectively and on-schedule. Our innovative and integrated solution approach spans the entire capital project life cycle, helping to reduce costs and schedule, improve certainty of delivery and increase safety. 


Our integrated solutions span the entire capital project life cycle

At SCIDEA, our experts work across diverse client markets to address their business needs, to offer cost-effective, innovative solutions to meet clients’ capital project requirements and help them increase capital efficiencies.

We understands the challenges and complexities of today’s competitive markets and hence we work together with our customers to design optimal solutions to bring their quality capital projects to market safety, on schedule and within budget.

Our integrated solutions span the entire capital project life cycle: from engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance, and project management.


Innovating today’s most challenging and complexed projects

At SCIDEA, we recognise that today’s Fourth Industrial Revolution requires the EPCM industry to evolve at an unprecedented pace. With multiple collaborative partnerships in place, we invest in ideas that can significantly improve project execution and benefit of projects in multiple business sectors. With projects larger and more complex than ever before, our team embraces innovative technology solution to deliver a commercially viable and predictable operating facility.

Vision & Mission


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To be a leader in innovative and integrated EPCM service provider/company in Southeast Asia Region.

SCIDEA, Vision

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To give customers total solutions that span the entire capital project life cycle.

To provide innovative and integrated solutions to customers to bring their projects to market safety, on schedule and within budget.

To promote environmentally sound practices at work and enhance renewable energy awareness.

SCIDEA, Mission

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